What Is Suction Control Valve (SCV) Failure.

SCV Suction Control Valve L200

What Is A Suction Control Valve?

The Suction Control Valve or SCV is responsible for the control of fuel pressure inside common rail engines. It allows only the required amount of fuel to be pumped through the system.
The SCV is a wear item, that is a good part to cross off your list of things to do – just like a cam / timing belt.

How Do I know If My SCV Has Failed?

The suction control valve is often overlooked when you are having issues with your vehicle.
SCVs can quickly become affected by contaminated fuel and dirt which in turn can cause a vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to cause surging and other symptoms, such as ‘limp mode’.

Suction Control Valve L200

Where Can I Buy A SCV?

Never fear!
Milner Off Road Ltd stock Genuine Suction Control Valves for the relevant models .
To ensure you are supplied with the correct one, please supply your chassis / vin number. This can be found on your vin plate, usually on the bulkhead.

Is There Anything I Need To Know About My New SCV?

After fitting a new SCV.  You may need to a  re-calibrate / relearn.
There is a procedure for it in the manual.

The ECU learns the relation between the suction control valve, of the supply pump drive current and the fuel injection volume.

The learning value is calculated from the suction control valve drive current and the rail pressure sensor output voltage.

You should run the relearn when the engine is idling, any one with a decent plugin diagnostic computer should be able to do it for you.

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