How To Change Toyota Hilux Timing Belt

Changing your Toyota Hilux timing belt (T-Belt) can often be quite tricky, especially if you haven’t changed it before.

That’s why here at Milner Off Road we have put this blog post together, showing you how to change the timing belt of your Hilux.

But before we go into how to change your timing belt.

What is a timing belt?

A timing belt, cam belt or timing chain is an integral part of an internal combustion engine.

The timing belt synchronises the rotation of the crankshaft and your engine’s camshaft(s), allowing the engine’s valves to open and close at the proper times during each cylinder’s intake and exhaust strokes.

A timing belt is also critical in an interference engine. The purpose of the timing belt or chains purpose in this type of engine is to prevent the piston from striking the valves.

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How to change timing belt on Toyota Hilux

Replacing the timing belt of your Hilux is much simpler than many believe. However, before you begin, you will need the following pieces of equipment.

Now you have all of the above to hand, it’s time to replace your timing belt. Follow the steps below for a successful timing belt change.

*Please note, before you buy a new timing belt for your Hilux, find out how many teeth your new belt needs in order to fit.*

We have split the procedure up into 6 following sections

  • Disconnecting the battery
  • Removal of  intercooler cover
  • Removal of  timing belt cover
  • Aligning the timing belt marks
  • Removing the timing belt
  • Fitting the new timing belt

Disconnecting the Toyota Hilux Battery

  • Disconnect earth terminal on the battery.

disconnect batteryRemoval of Toyota Hilux intercooler cover

  • Remove intercooler cover. Place captive bolts in a safe place. Your intercooler will look like this.

toyota hilux intercooler cover

  • Place the intercooler cover in a safe place.
  • Remove oil cover if in the way of removing intercooler cover.
  • Once the intercooler cover is off, reinstall the oil cover.
  • Remove fan belt if in the way.

Removal of  Toyota Hilux timing belt cover

  • Remove the bolts on the timing belt cover. Place bolts in a safe place.

toyota hilux timing belt cover

  • Remove the timing belt cover unveiling the timing belt. Place the timing belt cover in a safe location.

Aligning the Toyota Hilux timing belt marks

  • On the top timing wheel, there will be a highlighted groove. Ensure this groove is aligned with the alignment arrow at the top of the timing wheel.

toyota hilux timing belt alignment marks

  • If your alignment groove doesn’t match up to your alignment arrow, rotate the engine. You can do this by locating the crank with your socket, and turn it clockwise, this will align your groove with your alignment arrow.
  • You may also have to align up the bottom timing wheels alignment groove, with the alignment arrow also.
  • Locate the timing belt plunger (piston) and remove the bolts allowing the tensioner to swing out of the way, and releasing the tension off of the belt. Place the bolts in a safe place.
  • Remove the IDLER wheel/pulley loosening the tension further.

toyota hilux timing belt pulleyRemoving the Toyota Hilux timing belt

  • You can now remove the existing timing belt.
  • Grab the existing belt, give it a little wiggle and remove it.

toyota hilux timing belt

Fitting the new Toyota Hilux timing belt

  • When fitting the new timing belt, it’s often easier to put the belt on the bottom wheel first and the top belt last. Ensure the belt is tight.
  • Also, ensure the alignment markers are in line with the alignment arrows.
  • Feel underneath the bottom pulley to make sure the timing belts teeth are in the grooves and haven’t come out.
  • Grab your new IDLER Wheel, and clean the old washer and bolt, removing any grit or dirt. Place your bolt and washer in the new IDLER wheel.
  • Install the new IDLER wheel where the old one used to be.

toyota hilux idler wheel

  • Grab your new timing belt tensioner, and install where your old one used to be.

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  • Retighten all of the bolts for all parts mentioned above.
  • Now all bolts have been tightened, you can release the pin of your timing belt Plunger, applying tension to your new belt.
  • Spin the engine with the socket on the crank like before when aligning the marker to the arrow, and perform a full circle. We do this to check everything you have done is okay and the belt doesn’t come off.
  • Reattach the timing belt cover securely.
  • Reattach the intercooler cover securely.
  • Reattach your battery.

And you have successfully changed your Toyota Hilux timing belt.

We highly advise employing a professional to change your timing belt. However, if you’re feeling up to it, and you follow the steps above, you should be on your way to a successful timing belt change.

*Please note. This is a guide and Milner Off Road are not responsible for any damage you may cause to your vehicle*

Toyota Hilux timing belt replacement intervals

This is something that almost every car owner asks themselves “how often should I replace my timing belt”.

Well, as technology and vehicles have improved over the years, many manufacturers now recommend intervals up to 100,000 miles, compared to the old rule of 60,000.

It’s recommended that you change your Toyota Hilux timing belt every 100,000 miles or every 6 years depending on which comes first.

However, this number can vary depending on how often you use your vehicle and the life you give it.

If you use your Hilux often and harshly, it might be worth replacing the timing belt sooner, just for that peace of mind.

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Toyota Hilux timing belt replacement cost

The cost of replacing a Toyota Hilux timing belt can vary from £80 – £600 depending if you go to an independent garage or a franchise dealer.

However – if you replace the timing belt yourself using our post – you can save yourself money, only needing to buy the parts.

Replacing your timing belt can be quite costly, that’s why we have created you this guide.

Toyota Hilux timing belt warning light

So, you’ve installed your new timing belt, but your T-Belt warning light is still on? Here’s how you reset it.

To reset your Toyota Hilux timing belt warning light, simply.

  • Turn your ignition on.
  • Ensure your Odometer/Trip meter is showing odometer information.
  • Turn your ignition switch off.
  • Press and hold your Odometer/Trip display button whilst turning your ignition back on.
  • Hold the button down for 5 seconds and then release the button.
  • Within 5 seconds, press and release the button.
  • Your display should show the reset value
  • Press and hold the Odometer/trip button for 5 seconds then release the button.
  • Ensure the Odometer reading is displayed and the warning light should have gone out.

There you have it, that’s how you replace your Toyota Hilux timing belt. Do you have any tips or have you found this post useful? Please let us know in the comments below and share it with your friends.

As mentioned above, whilst we have faith in this post and in your mechanical skills, if you have not changed the timing belt of your vehicle before, we highly advise you take your vehicle to a local mechanic, or have someone with you who is experienced in changing timing belts.

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  1. T-belt is a necessary unit of engine, which requires care every 4-5 years or as said above, every 100,000 miles. Thanks for the great post. Very well informed.

    1. Hi Wally,

      Glad you’ve found the guide helpful, remember if you aren’t 100% confident then find somebody who is to help you out.

      Best of luck!

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