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T64 - (4 CYLINDER) 2.2TD (16valve) 2011-> (Inc European models)
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Engine Oil Morris Multivis Adt Fd 5w-30 5litre for
Ford - Ranger Pickup

T64 - (4 CYLINDER) 2.2TD (16valve) 2011-> (Inc European models)

 Ford Ranger Pickup T64 - (4 CYLINDER) 2.2TD (16valve)  2011->  (Inc European models)


Morris Multivis ADT FD 5W-30 SUPERIOR QUALITY engine oil with SYNTHETIC TECHNOLOGY is designed to meet the demands of the latest petrol and diesel (Inc. turbo) engines where low viscosity oil is required. Morris advanced technology oil is formulated to protect sensitive exhaust after treatment devices (DPF / Catalytic converters EGRs) for efficient and trouble free operation. Advanced additives give improved flow rates at low temperatures and increased film strength at high temperatures.
Multivis ADT FD provides excellent engine efficiency and fuel economics along with outstanding cold starting characteristics reducing wear. Efficient high temperature operation and anti-sludge control are also key features along with low levels of volatility which minimises oil consumption improving engine cleanliness and component longevity.

(Morris lubricants are accredited to BS EN ISO9001 BS EN ISO 14001 & BS OHSAS 18001);

Specifications Profile;

ACEA A1/B1 A5/B5;
Ford WSS-M2C913-D.

Nb: This product is backward compatible with units requiring Ford WSS-M2C913-C. Frequent oil changes are recommended for working vehicles.
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