Top Gear Returns – Bring On The 4×4’s

4x4 Off RoadingSo, the weekend saw the return of the action packed, high octane car show that we all love, Top Gear. The season kicked off with a cracker, the guys set out to prove that old classic super mini’s are better than the current crop of hot hatches that have evolved from the 80’s and 90’s models.

The gang didn’t take long to get to their old tricks, of blowing stuff up and mocking each other from start to finish. The season looks a cracker, and here at Milner Off Road we are hoping to see some mighty 4×4 action in the series, whether it be a challenge across the Dakar or a factual review from Jeremy Clarkson.

One of the new 4×4’s we would really love to see on the new series of Top Gear, is the 2014 Toyota Hilux, we have seen just what these vehicles are capable of on this show, everything from a building collapsing all the way to reaching the North Pole, so we think the new model will definitely be worth a spot on Top Gear to see if the new model has improved, and with it being called “Invincible” lets hope so.

We are also hoping to see the 2014 Skoda Yeti, being reviewed by one of the hosts. There was no doubt that the last 4×4 Yeti got a good review on the Show and we are hoping it will be the same story with this model.

And of course we hope that we are right, when we think we spotted the monster that is the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG 6×6 featured on the show, now we don’t specialise in 6×6 vehicles here at Milner Off Road just yet, but there is no telling to what the gang will to do with this vehicle, but one thing we do know is, it will definitely be entertaining for us all to watch, as at the end of the day, we all like to get down and dirty with a bit of off roading fun!

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