Tec4 DPF Cleaner Review Tried & Tested. Does It Work?


Tec4 DPF Cleaner Review Tried & Tested.

DPF Diesel System Cleaner








I know many people now drive a ”modern diesel car” and we dread the DPF light pinging up on our instrument panel. It’s going to be costly, right?

Unfortunately, mine popped up a few days ago on my Audi 2.0TDI and the standard ”regen” or regeneration process didn’t work.  *sad face*

Luckily I remembered that Milner Off Road sold the Tec4 Complete DPF & Diesel System Cleaner. At £17 + vat (£20.40) it was well worth purchasing to see if I could get my DPF light to turn off.

DPF Light On Fault








So I am now sharing my experience with the magic that is Tec4 Complete DPF & Diesel System Cleaner.

Please note: I had just filled my tank before carrying out the treatment.

Step 1:
Add one 400ml of DPF & Turbo System Cleaner to the contents of the fuel tank.
(Red Bottle)
TEC4 DPF Audi Fault







Step 2:
Idle the engine for 5 minutes.
(Don’t forget to take the bottle out and close your fuel flap before doing so).
Audi A1  DPF





Step 3:
On completion turn off the engine and add one 400ml bottle of Diesel System Cleaner to the contents of the fuel tank.
(Blue Bottle)
Audi A1 DPF Fault







Step 4:
Take your car for a drive, for a minimum of 20 minutes at medium revs.
(Again, don’t forget to take the bottle out and close the fuel flap).

Audi DPF








Step 5:
Huzzah!! No more light on the dash.

DPF Light







I will keep you posted as to whether this improves my fuel economy or not. Also whether I find any difference in the day to day running of my car.

So far I am just impressed I didn’t have to go to a garage to have it cleaned or replaced. I can imagine the cost would be extortionate, a bit like a wiper blade from the main dealer!


Just to recap, the standard regeneration process did not work. To be honest I was wanting to try this stuff out, after already trying the Diesel Fuel Saver kit on one of my other cars. (Which by the way, also worked a treat).

There are other DPF cleaners on the market which are readily available. However, because I have used Tec4 products before, I know I can trust them.

Here is the link for the DPF Cleaner on Milner’s site: https://www.milneroffroad.com/universal-parts/dpf-cleaners 

And just before you ask yourself the question. No, you cannot remove your DPF. Not only will it make you fail your next MOT, but it is also now illegal.

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How Do I Clean My DPF?

What Is A DPF?

A DPF or Diesel Particulate Filter is a device designed to remove diesel particulate substance or soot (black carbon) from the exhaust gases of a diesel engine.

What Does A DPF Do?

Also known as a ‘soot trap’, the DPF catches the soot from the exhaust gases, effectively reducing the amount of emissions the car creates. Since 2009 it is the law for new diesel cars to be fitted with a DPF off the production line, to help stop the amount of harmful emissions being injected into our atmosphere. Removal of your DPF can result in a hefty fine, up to £1000 for a car and up to £2500 for a light goods vehicle.

How Do I Clean My DPF?

You have a few options when it comes to the cleaning of your DPF.


Some say driving at speeds of over 40mph for 10 minutes using at least 2500 RPM and sticking in 3rd/4th gear can turn off your DPF light from your dash.
(We personally would not recommend this method)

Local DPF Cleaning Specialist.

Send it to a local specialist. However, you may have to dig deep, don’t expect it to be cheap.

We found a handy tool here: Find a DPF Specialist. 
Or you could choose a carbon clean: Find a Carbon Clean Specialist.
(Obviously, this is the more sensible choice)

DPF Cleaning Additives.

Relatively new to the market, these cleaning additives are now readily available online or at your local motor factors.
In fact, we (Milner Off Road) stock the TEC4 branded additives on our website. Tec4 are manufacturers of high-quality engine treatments and Fuel Saving products, you can find out more about them here.
TEC4 advise vehicles used regularly for urban cycle driving rarely achieve the conditions required for regeneration, resulting in the filter becoming blocked. TEC4’s DPF System Cleaner contains cerine additives which bond to the soot particles reducing the temperature at which they combust, this enables the DPF to passively regenerate during urban cycle driving.
Here at Milner’s, we stock the Complete DPF & Diesel System Cleaner, adding this product into your annual service is turning out to be a popular choice. Not only does it clean your DPF but it also cleans your fuel system. (Please also ensure you use the correct specification oil).

Prevention is better than cure! We would suggest getting some TEC4 before it is too late.


Here is a quick video explaining the TEC4 products:

At only £17 + vat it isn’t going to break the bank, making it the perfect solution to your annual service.

If you have any questions about the information above, you can email us: [email protected] or telephone 01629 734411.

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Please note: Milner Off Road are not liable for any damage you may cause to your vehicle(s) by following the instructions above. If you have not performed this procedure on your vehicle before, we highly advise you take your vehicle to a local mechanic.