Quiz: Can You Answer 20 Questions Every Off-Roader Should Know?

Wednesday, August 30th, 2017


Posted by: Milner

So, you think you know how to off-road? Take the test now, and don’t forget to share your results with your friends!

Question #1: What Is Off Roading?

Question #2: What Is The Main Purpose Of Tyres

Question #3: What Kind Of Driver Should Buy All-Terrain Tyres?

Question #4: Which Type Of Tyre Is The Most Durable?

Question #5: What Improves The Traction of Snow Tyres?

Question #6: What Is a Rock Massage?

Question #7: What Is The Job Of a Vehicle Suspension System?

Question #8: Which Seat Style Gives More Support and Protection for Rough Rides?

Question #9: How Do Electric Winches Draw Power?

Question #10: What Is The Main Modification Needed For Navigating Different Terrain?

Question #11: Which Type of Drive is Best for Off Roading?

Question #12: Which Tyre Pressure Is Best For Off Roading?

Question #13: What Does “Approach Angle” of a Vehicle Mean?

Question #14: How Do You Determine a Vehicles Approach Angle?

Question #15: What is the Break Over Angle?

Question #16: What is Mudding?

Question #17: What is the Cardinal Rule of Off Roading?

Question #18: Which Of These Is Most Dangerous When Climbing Sand Dunes?

Question #19: What Is “Picking the Line” in Rock Crawling?

Question #20: The Weight Of 4WD Vehicle Accessories such as Winches and Bull Bars…

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