Complete List Of The Most Popular Cars In The EU

What’s Are The Most Popular Cars In Each EU Country?

It seems that the EU is never out of the news lately, and whilst the UK will soon be leaving the Union, we will always have a shared bond with the continent. A love of all things automotive.

Cars seem to be a universal language. We all have our opinions on then. We all have the vehicles we love, and those which we loath so much that being stuck behind one on the M25 causes unbridled waves of rage.

Just how popular and commonplace are your opinions though? Do the Germans agree with your disdain for the Honda CR-V? Do the Italians share your love for the Mazda Pickup?

We’ve done a little bit of research here at Milner Off Road and compiled the complete list of the most popular cars in the EU for you to digest.

See below for the full list, and find out what people in the UK love to drive, how that compares to the continent, and which 2 countries have one of our favourite 4×4’s as their most popular vehicle.

most popular cars in the eu

So, which EU nation has the best motoring tastes? Are you from one of the countries listed? Are you proud of your native motoring choices, or ashamed of what your fellow countrymen and women are driving? Let us know in the comments below.

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