Nissan Navara Sagging Rear Suspension Issues.


Nissan Navara Rear Suspension Issues.

The model in question is the Navara NP300 2015 onward.

The vehicle itself gets a 4.5 out of 5 stars by AutoExpress, reporting  ”Small bumps are ironed out far more effectively and the floating feeling over sudden undulations is much better suppressed.”
However, while it brings some benefits when unladen, it has been criticised for struggling to cope with anything approaching its claimed load weight of 1 tonne. Further more Nissan state the NP300 has a 3.5 tonne towing capacity.

Despite the claimed stats, opinions from owners are coming in that their Nissan’s are ”struggling” with loads well under the claimed payload. Unmanageable steering and sagging springs are just a few to mention.
Vehicles that are used for work or tow large trailers are proving that the standard rear suspension is much too soft.

Here at Milner’s we developed a kit to abolish the NP300’s flaws / poor rear suspension characteristics.

The Milner kit will restore the vehicle to a more usable ride height when loaded/towing without compromising comfort when empty.

Kit Comprises of:
2 x Upgraded Coil Springs
2 x Heavy Duty Shock Absorbers

(The shock absorbers must be used to overcome the effects of the stronger spring.)

Nissan Navara NP300 Suspension Upgrade Kit

Head on over to to get your kit.

Comment below with you thoughts or experiences.

4 Replies to “Nissan Navara Sagging Rear Suspension Issues.”

  1. Do you sell the towing cool springs & shocks for the R51 pathfinder? If so how much is it? Mine has independent traction control & my
    Spring just broke, Nissan won’t help me with part numbers, as I’m chronically ill & disabled, I’m receiving aggressive treatment at Birmingham Royal oncology & orthopaidic hospital, Nissan has delayed by a week meaning I’ve missed 1 course already, I’m now going to miss another due to not being able to get there which will have a detrimental impact on my life span, so can you confirm (name&codes) what was fitted to my 2008 R51 when manufactured, as this is what I need to know, so my mechanic can be sure the parts he is going to be fitting will be the correct ones & man enough to tow my trailer for my power chair & mobility scooter, I also tow a caravan which is heavy sometimes.
    So it needs to be manly enough for that but make my car run smoothly & give me less pain from the crap road surfaces, as at the moment it’s torture….

  2. I have a 2014navara, used only to tow caravan, would your suspension mods to the rear improve the bumpy ride, I’m not needing heavy load capacity,
    Regards, Roger Tighe

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