Mud Terrain Tyres VS All Terrain Tyres: Which Should You Buy?

Mud Terrain Tyres and All Terrain Tyres are designed to help you in certain situations; for example, when:

  • you can’t get traction on muddy surfaces
  • you need a tyre fit for all purposes
  • you’re going off-roading
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Choosing 4×4 Tyres by Off-Roading Type

Driving on mud: This might seem a straightforward choice, and that’s because it is. If you have a 4×4 trip planned and the majority of the terrain is mud, then you should definitely choose mud tyres.

Driving on sand: Again, mud tyres perform great on sand.

Driving in wet, icy or snowy conditions: All Terrain Tyres are the better choice of the two. This is because they have smaller tread blocks, narrower voids, and have less-robust internal tread compounds.

mud terrain tyres good for:All Terrain Tyres good for:
Sand – may need to lower PSI when using on sandSand
RockRock – not as good as Mud Terrain tyres

All Terrain Tyres aren’t good for:
Mud terrains.

Mud Tyres vs All Terrain Tyres: MPG

We often get asked, do Mud Terrain Tyres use more fuel than All Terrain Tyres? Yes. All Terrain Tyres tend to come out on top for the best mile per gallon statistics. Mud Terrain tyres will typically use more fuel than All Terrain tyres due to their tread pattern causing a harder resistance on the road.

Mud Tyres vs All Terrain Tyres: Lifespan

All Terrain Tyres typically have a longer lifespan than Mud Terrain Tyres. If you need a set of tyres that will cover more miles, the All Terrain Tyres are the best option for you.

Mud Terrain Tyre pressures:

The PSI for Mud Terrain Tyres can be different than the PSI for All Terrain Tyres. The general rule of thumb is, if you have a light vehicle such as a Toyota Hilux, you will generally need less PSI. This is because of the sidewalls being stronger on Mud Terrain Tyres.

If you have All Terrain tyres and a heavy vehicle, you will often need a higher PSI.

Are mud terrain tyres good on the road?

Mud Terrain Tyres can be used on the road, however, road noise is much worse than when All Terrain Tyres are fitted.

Mud Terrain TyresMore TractionShorter Life
All Terrain TyresLonger LifeLess Traction

Are mud terrain tyres good in the snow?

We don’t recommend mud tyres for driving in snow. Mud tyres are designed and built with a different tread compound than winter tyres. Due to the tread of a mud tyre, they will constantly be pushing a little wall of snow in front of itself all the time, cutting traction and response times.

Which one of these 4×4 tyres do you need?

If you are a serious off-roader, then we recommend you opt for Mud Terrain Tyres. However, for all-around driving such as to and from work, or if you have a light 4×4 or SUV, then All Terrain Tyres will more than likely suit your requirements just fine.

Your safety off-road and on-road is your responsibility. No article or video can replace proper instruction and experience. Make sure you practice proper techniques and safety guidelines before you go off-roading.

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