How To Replace Nissan Qashqai Brake Pads

How To Replace Nissan Qashqai Brake Pads.

Before we begin, there are a few things you need before you can replace the Nissan Qashqai brake pads, and they are;

  • Front Wheel Nut – 21mm
  • Brake Caliper Bolt – 14mm
  • Nissan Qashqai front brake pads or rear brake pads

Now that you have located the parts you need, you will need to remove your wheel using the wheel nut. Once you have removed your wheel, the brake disk and caliper will now be exposed and will look like this;


Now you have the brake disks and calipers exposed, you will now need to use your brake caliper bolt and loosen and remove the bolt at the bottom of the caliper (make sure you only remove the bottom bolt, YouTube video below will help). Once you have loosened the bolt, you will be able to lift the caliper up, exposing the brake pads. Now, simply remove your old brake pads.

Before you put your new brake pads on, remove the cap from the brake fluid reservoir. The reason for doing this is because when you push the pistons back, it will cause the brake fluid to rise up. The reason you need to push the pistons in the brake calipers back is to make room for the new brake pads to fit.

Now you have pushed the pistons back, make sure you remove any brake bust that maybe on your brakes. Dust is the main cause of brake squeak and can also make brakes stick.

Apply copper grease to your new brake pads, this will prevent brake squeel and other noises.

You are now ready to fit your brake pads to your Nissan Qashqai. Simply fit the new ones where the old ones used to be.

Now you have fitted your new brake pads, simply pull the caliper back down covering the brake pads – tighten the bolt back onto the brake caliper with the 14mm brake caliper bolt.

You have now successfully fitted your new brake pads. Simply put your tyre back on and you’re good to go!

For all you visual learners, simply follow the video below;

You can buy front discs and front pads for Nissan Qashqai, along with rear Nissan Qashqai brake pads, sets, and other Nissan Qashqai parts from our website.


(Make sure you test your brakes and ease them in gradually before travelling long distances, going off-roading, and braking sharply. Stay safe!)

Please note: Milner Off Road are not liable for any damage you may cause to your vehicle(s) by following the instructions above. If you have not performed this procedure on your vehicle before, we highly advise you take your vehicle to a local mechanic.

6 Replies to “How To Replace Nissan Qashqai Brake Pads”

  1. Hey Guys,
    Great video, I was wondering how you would go about changing the rear pads on the 2014 model, with the electric handbrake. Do you need a diagnostic tool or not?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi, If I remember correctly if your Qashqai has actuators on the calipers to operate the handbrake a diagnostic tool will be needed. If not, then it should be operated from a solenoid box which should not need diagnostics. If you’re unsure, it might be worth taking it to a local mechanic to sort for you.

  2. My nissan qashqai reg number sg10nmv rear off side has been sticking on could you tell me the problem or how could i fix the problem myself

  3. thanks for ur post, I have changed my rear brake pad of my car, and later there is a warning light on the dashboard. I learnt the at calliper or something has got spoilt so I need to buy the whole calliper.
    is there any way this problem could b solve without replacing the actuator.

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