Could Your Nissan Navara Be Recalled?

Nissan has been urged to recall the UK’s best selling 4×4 pickup.

Nissan has been urged to recall their Navara’s after it emerges that a major fault in the vehicles could see them snap in half.

Navara owners – many of whom are part of the Milner family – have found their vehicles have severe rust issues which can cause cracks in the chassis.

could your nissan navara be recalled?
Example of split Nissan Navara Pickup

Nissan – one of the world’s largest car manufacturers – has already bought back Navara’s from owners following inspections, but as of yet, no official recall of the D40 model has been made.

Are other 4×4 Nissan’s affected?

At the moment, the same issue is said to also effect some Nissan Pathfinder R51s – also known as the seven-seater family car of the popular Navara.

Nissan is said to have known about the problem for a year and has been keeping it “under wraps”.

The rust problem affects Nissan Navara D40s manufactured in Spain between 2005 to 2008.

However, some drivers of newer Navara’s say they have also been affected.

What’s being done?

Huw Merriman, a Tory MP, plans to raise this issue at The Transport Select Committee on Monday.

Huw has had the following to say: ‘To reassure the public, Nissan would be well advised to recall all affected vehicles.’

‘If, as they say, there are only a small amount impacted then it shouldn’t be a costly exercise in ensuring that these vehicles really are safe to be on the road.’

Attwood Solicitors are working on behalf of hundreds of owners in the UK.

According to the law firm, up to 35,000 Navaras are affected in the UK and 193,500 worldwide – Nissan ‘strongly disputes’ these figures.

What is Nissan doing about the rust problem?

Nissan has stated they were aware of the issue in a “relatively small number” of D40 Navaras and has put measures in place to “quickly resolve the concerns of any customers”.

‘Nissan is backing customers even though the affected vehicles are up to 12 years old.’

‘Depending on the age of the vehicle, these measures include a free and independent inspection of the vehicle where appropriate on older vehicles, if that inspection shows there’s an issue, we’ll do the right thing by the customer under our warranty and customer service policies.’

Nissan is offering a free inspection of their vehicles if drivers are concerned.

What can you do?

Richy Holmes set up the online group after his Navara broke with his pregnant wife and daughter inside as it was towing a caravan.

The 50-year-old mechanic, told the Sun: “I was only going a few miles an hour. I dread to think what could’ve happened if I’d been going faster.”

More than 15,000 Navara owners have joined a Facebook group urging Nissan to take action after motorists found rust around their chassis, which can cause it to crack and break.

We recommend any concerned Navara owners to telephone Nissan on 0330 123 1231.

Please share this post with anyone you know who may be affected by this issue.

28 Replies to “Could Your Nissan Navara Be Recalled?”

  1. My Navara is a 2007 se, been in family from new ,did not take
    Long to notice rust forming on chassis.
    Have waxoil coated where I could but am worried that it is
    Corroding from the inside out.
    Poor quality steel I pressume from China same as the sixty,s
    Type of metal that rotted away here !.
    A recall should be made ASAP as these modern vehicles should be
    More resistant to corrosion as some are extremely dangerous.

  2. Just had mechanic fried to look at my nissan navara and found severe cracking and collapse on spring mount to chasis. Got an inspection tomorrow by nissan. No doubt will try to push blame onto me. Been driving at speed at times. God only knows what could have happened

  3. My 2006 Navara D40 has just failed it’s MOT. Left hand side of the chassis is badly corroded and the right has a big crack in it. Mechanic wrote “Dangerous DO NOT Drive” on the failure notice. Booked in with Nissan next Monday (30th Oct). It’s costing me £300 to have it taken, on a flatbed, 85 miles to my nearest dealer as they insist it is down to the owner to get the vehicle to the the dealer for inspection, weather it’s driveable or not. It might cost me another £300 to get it home again too. I told them I am disabled and living on benefits and am going to have to borrow money to pay for this and they told me there is nothing they can do to help at this stage. Fingers crossed.

  4. Eg var inne sjå nissan forhandleren me min navara 2006mod…men gjennomrusta ramme..alt dei ville tilby meg va å kjøbe min bil (veldigt billigt)å kjøra den til vraking.det sa eg ikkje var aktuelt….

  5. Hi, I was updated about Nissan Navara 2007, it is going into Nissan Wolverhampton, to be checked Monday will update, what are our rights if it all goes bad on the chassis side of things. ????.

  6. Just had a letter from Nissan recall in my 2012 Novara For chasse inspection didn’t think the age of my vehicle was a problem Fought it was only up to 2007

  7. Just had my 06 navara in for new timing chain!! They said all navara that come in have to be inspected!! guess what!! Corrosion on chassis so advised not to have timing chain done!! Now gotta wait and see if Nissan gonna repair or scrap it??

  8. Hi My immaculate Navara 09 has rust on the chassis that was not there 9 months ago what will it be like in another 9 months I wonder???

  9. so it looks like Nissan don’t mind if theres a pile up no the motorway then, mine is an 06 model,

  10. Just had my 2008 Navara fail on the chassi don’t know if it’s getting repaired or scraped.anyone had an offer off bye it back

    1. Yes I have had my 2010 Navara D40 scraped and they said they were going to send me £7444 and 20% off a new Navara but I feel as if I have lost out cos loved my old Navara I have also had a rented Navara for six weeks so far but I don’t like the new Navara the bonnet is to height.

  11. I bought my 2008 navara last year just got a letter to take it in too be checked. Why has it taken so long if they knew about it last year?

  12. Nissan U.K. should hang there heads in shame for keeping this safety issue from the owners of affectected vehicles I have an 07 navara and the chassis is bent the tub is bouncing on to the cab I don’t feel safe driving it
    But need the vehicle for work as I am a tradesman hope I don’t have an accident. Vehicle I’d booked into have an inspection in October as no appointment s available due to the amout of vehicles affected. The CEO should resign

  13. My 2010 Nissan Navara went for inspection a letter was sent to me saying it was going back to Spain for repairs I would have a curtesy car then a letter came saying it was going to be scraped this was a king cab electric sun roof top of the range and would send me a check for Severn thousand four hundred pounds lost my tow hitch and lost money but if I did not take this option it would not be on offer again I was gutted.

  14. I was told Nissan would do nothing about navarra over 12 years old is this true as mine has past first inspection 18months ago, now it was recalled by lookers Nissan Chester for a chassis treatment and said it has to be done before sept 2018 , they have looked at chassis and say it has hole in chassis and not doing treatment? They have given me Nissan Uk number and to get on with it my self! Taking legal advise and going to join and pay for legal action if nothing done wow I can’t believe Nissan !

    1. Hi Steven
      I’m in the same situation as you and was wondering if you had made any more progress with nissan?
      Regards steve

  15. I have 55 plate outlaw it’s like paper all down the near side and in poor condition all around the spring hangers called Nissan they said that it’s not on the list to be recalled so where do I go from here as it’s no good to me as it is had a few navaras now and all had problems with everyone I have had not as good as people think

  16. My friend has just had his Long way down Navarro recalled, and has been told it had to be scrapped. Nissan have offered a “take it or leave it ” offer of a paltry sum, and to add insult to
    Injury they offered a “great deal” of 20 per cent off ” a new vehicle! His truck was in mint condition!

  17. As anyone got any sent me a letter warning me about the chassis took it for a mot yesterday and supprise it failed phoned Nissan they won’t do anything cos my 12 years warranty was up two months ago 30th of June and they posted the letter 13th of August good timer on ther anyone else had the same experience

  18. My 07 nissan has failed and they don’t give a damn, gave me a stupid offer which I refused as an insult. Nissan are trying to make it our fault not there’s and pass the blame, my solicitor has been informed so waiting to see my options. As far as I’m concerned they should replace the vehicle as it is not fit for purpose, I’m going to be fighting this all the way and have told nissan to keep my case open as I’m speaking to someone higher up the chain and waiting for a phone call from them

  19. So my 55 plate is now too old to be taken in and sorted by Nissan? Ive had it three years and am not one floor laying on the floor and looking underneath before now. I did hear something a while back but at the time was so busy to even look and I forgot about it.

  20. My 2010 Navara spotless only 89000 miles split on the road pulling a chip trailer on the 21/10/2017. The trailer then raised the rear end of the Navara up which resulted in the chrome roll bar on tub smashing the rear window in on top of us in the cab as we went around a corner. Luckily there was nothing coming and I managed to get stopped before it caused a serious accident.

  21. My 2012 Navara is part of this now so its not just pre 2010 models.
    Huddersfield Nissan inspected it and said it was fine June 2018 but said Nissan will have its chassis painted as a courtesy, then fobbed me off for 9 months. Went in and asked them about it, oh we dont do that here anymore you need to go somewhere else. Went to Halifax Nissan and they booked it in for the chassis being painted. Got a phone call 3 days later saying ut was too corroded to paint? So according to Nissan it was fine in June 2018 but by April 2019 it had rotted too much to be painted. This pickup was maintained and serviced at a Nissan dealer for the first 5 years of its life and they reckon its down to bad maintenance, funny that isnt it because they have looked at it every year of its life.
    Options are scrappage which will probably be followed by a ridiculous offer or it going to Spain for 12 weeks to be repaired.
    Watch out if you have a D40 of ANY age follks and get it to Nissan!

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