4×4 Sand and Snow Recovery Tracks

*New Product Alert*

Milner Off Road are proud to announce a new addition¬†to our product line, sand/snow traction recovery mats. These rubber 4×4 recovery mats are an essential accessory for all off-roaders when tackling snowy, muddy or sandy conditions.

These heavy duty rubber mats, are highly flexible and feature strong metal hinges and deep honeycomb cleats which allow for maximum grip.4x4-sand-and-snow-recovery-tracks

How Do They Work?

To use the rubber recovery tracks effectively, all you have to do is simply place them under, behind and in front of all cars, vans, and 4×4’s tyres, this way you will get maximum traction when trying to get out of a sticky situation.

These are one of, if not the strongest and most durable heavy duty recovery tracks available on the market today, and are an absolute must have for off roading enthusiasts in the winter.

Due to the design of these rubber recovery tracks, they are very easy to use and are extremely hard wearing. When you’re done using them, simply roll them up and leave them in your vehicle for those times in need when you or another vehicle gets stuck.


The following dimensions are when the recovery mats are unfolded:

590 x 220 x 25 mm (23.25 x 8.5 x 1 inch

Suitable For:

These recovery mats are suitable for the occasional off-roader, and more dedicated off-roading enthusiasts.

How To Buy Recovery Mats

To order your own recovery mats, simply click here.

*please note, these are only tread plates*

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