Complete List Of The Most Popular Cars In The EU

Europe's most popular cars

What’s Are The Most Popular Cars In Each EU Country?

It seems that the EU is never out of the news lately, and whilst the UK will soon be leaving the Union, we will always have a shared bond with the continent. A love of all things automotive.

Cars seem to be a universal language. We all have our opinions on then. We all have the vehicles we love, and those which we loath so much that being stuck behind one on the M25 causes unbridled waves of rage.

Just how popular and commonplace are your opinions though? Do the Germans agree with your disdain for the Honda CR-V? Do the Italians share your love for the Mazda Pickup?

We’ve done a little bit of research here at Milner Off Road and compiled the complete list of the most popular cars in the EU for you to digest.

See below for the full list, and find out what people in the UK love to drive, how that compares to the continent, and which 2 countries have one of our favourite 4×4’s as their most popular vehicle.

most popular cars in the eu

So, which EU nation has the best motoring tastes? Are you from one of the countries listed? Are you proud of your native motoring choices, or ashamed of what your fellow countrymen and women are driving? Let us know in the comments below.

Could Your Nissan Navara Be Recalled?

could your nissan navara be recalled

Nissan has been urged to recall the UK’s best selling 4×4 pickup.

Nissan has been urged to recall their Navara’s after it emerges that a major fault in the vehicles could see them snap in half.

Navara owners – many of whom are part of the Milner family – have found their vehicles have severe rust issues which can cause cracks in the chassis.

could your nissan navara be recalled?
Example of split Nissan Navara Pickup

Nissan – one of the world’s largest car manufacturers – has already bought back Navara’s from owners following inspections, but as of yet, no official recall of the D40 model has been made.

Are other 4×4 Nissan’s affected?

At the moment, the same issue is said to also effect some Nissan Pathfinder R51s – also known as the seven-seater family car of the popular Navara.

Nissan is said to have known about the problem for a year and has been keeping it “under wraps”.

The rust problem affects Nissan Navara D40s manufactured in Spain between 2005 to 2008.

However, some drivers of newer Navara’s say they have also been affected.

What’s being done?

Huw Merriman, a Tory MP, plans to raise this issue at The Transport Select Committee on Monday.

Huw has had the following to say: ‘To reassure the public, Nissan would be well advised to recall all affected vehicles.’

‘If, as they say, there are only a small amount impacted then it shouldn’t be a costly exercise in ensuring that these vehicles really are safe to be on the road.’

Attwood Solicitors are working on behalf of hundreds of owners in the UK.

According to the law firm, up to 35,000 Navaras are affected in the UK and 193,500 worldwide – Nissan ‘strongly disputes’ these figures.

What is Nissan doing about the rust problem?

Nissan has stated they were aware of the issue in a “relatively small number” of D40 Navaras and has put measures in place to “quickly resolve the concerns of any customers”.

‘Nissan is backing customers even though the affected vehicles are up to 12 years old.’

‘Depending on the age of the vehicle, these measures include a free and independent inspection of the vehicle where appropriate on older vehicles, if that inspection shows there’s an issue, we’ll do the right thing by the customer under our warranty and customer service policies.’

Nissan is offering a free inspection of their vehicles if drivers are concerned.

What can you do?

Richy Holmes set up the online group after his Navara broke with his pregnant wife and daughter inside as it was towing a caravan.

The 50-year-old mechanic, told the Sun: “I was only going a few miles an hour. I dread to think what could’ve happened if I’d been going faster.”

More than 15,000 Navara owners have joined a Facebook group urging Nissan to take action after motorists found rust around their chassis, which can cause it to crack and break.

We recommend any concerned Navara owners to telephone Nissan on 0330 123 1231.

Please share this post with anyone you know who may be affected by this issue.