10 Reasons Why 4×4 Drivers Are The Best

4×4 Drivers Are The Best!

Over the years, quite a few things have been said about 4×4 drivers. Unfair accusations from drivers of everything from small hatchbacks to sleek saloons, about one thing or another that is often simply not true.

Being in the position that we are here at Milner Off Road, we speak to and deal with 4×4 fanatics all day most days, and find that the majority are simply friendly people who love their vehicle and want to take it to the limit, and that deserves nothing but respect! So forget accusations of arrogance and entitlement, here at our 10 reasons why 4×4 drivers are the best.

  • Not Scared Of The Snow – We begin with an issue that crops up most years in
    the UK, around January/February time, when the cold snap kicks in and roads across the country get a dusting of the white stuff, which simultaneously causes panic across a large percentage of the nations car drivers. Some of them choose to employ the “low gear, high revs” method of driving around, whilst others abandon their vehicles and decide that walking to work wet, cold and with several bruises is the better option. On the other hand, most 4×4 drivers don’t bat an eyelid, we keep calm and carry on, fight back against nature, and get where we need to be. See a shot of our very own car park below for proof!

milner snow

  • They Can Rescue People – Following on somewhat from point one, the fact that many 4×4’s can take their drivers anywhere that they wish means that they’re perfectly placed to rescue those who are not so well equipped. Whether it be from snow, ice, mud or flood, rescuers always turn up to save the day in a 4×4.
  • They’re Well Prepared For The Apocalypse – Whether it’s soon, or in a million years time, there’s more than likely going to be a time when the human race and civilisation as we know it begins to crumble, and those equipped with a 4×4 will be best placed to ride it out. Take for example a horde of flesh-eating zombies, who’s going to survive? The man with the large 4×4 which can take on multiple terrains, fit extra supplies in the back, and plough through large crowds? Or the Citroen Saxo? I know where my money is going.
  • They See Beautiful Parts Of The Country – Many people love a day out in the countryside, but mud, long distance walks and the occasional cow pat is enough to put many people off. 4×4 drivers don’t have these problems though, they can enjoy long days out and take their vehicles with them, seeing beautiful scenery and keeping the countryside economy of cafes and pubs booming too.
  • The “Brotherhood/Sisterhood” Bond – We all have friends, those people we feel we can trust above all else, but nothing truly bonds people together like a day out off roading over tough terrain. The thrills and spills are shared with a smile, as everyone helps each other out, fixing bumps and sharing parts to ensure everyone returns from action alive, well, and covered in mud.
  • Amazing Innovation – You’re in the middle of the countryside, miles from the nearest roads and even further from a town, when all of a sudden you hear a crack, a snap or a pop, something has broken on your vehicle. Disaster? No chance. 4×4 drivers are experts at innovative, makeshift “repairs” to keep their vehicles going back to civilisation. Naturally, we don’t encourage these sort of things for safety reasons, but some of the stories we have heard of people holding things together until they’ve been able to get their hands on real tools and 4×4 parts are pretty amazing.
  • They’re The Safest Drivers On The Road – Say what you want, but a study has shown that 4×4 drivers are actually the safest drivers on the road when it comes to the number of crashes…in 2008 at least.
  • More Prepared For Family Life – Any car driver will know the stress of trying to load the family into the vehicle for a holiday, day out, or even just a trip to the supermarket. Trying to fit 2 booster seats, a pushchair, toys and all sorts of equipment into the back of a Vauxhall Corsa is like a game of Tetris, that also happens to scream and kick you whilst you’re playing it. All the extra space that a 4×4 provides make’s this a much simpler task though. Granted, when children are involved it’s never going to go 100%, but it’s so much easier and stress-free for everyone involved. The worlds future innovators, scientists and great minds are sat comfortably in the back of a Mitsubishi L200, not in a Ford Fiesta with a weeks shopping stacked on top of them.
  • They’re Efficient Now Too – For many years one of the biggest sticks that 4×4 detractors used to beat drivers with was the “Gas Guzzler” tag, claiming that they’re far too inefficient, bad for the environment and bad for the wallet too, but that is not the case. Many modern 4×4’s easily exceed 40mpg, putting them on a par, or even better than some everyday vehicles. Whoever thought they could say a Range Rover Evoque gets better mpg than a Ford Focus? It’s not a reality.
  • Have The Most Fun – Finally, and most importantly, 4×4 drivers simply have more fun. The car cruising scene has declined in recent years, whereas 4×4 drivers can get together, find their nearest pay and play or legal off roading site, and simply have a great day!

So, there you have it, 10 ironclad (sort of…) reasons that 4×4 drivers simply are the best out there today, so off roaders of the land, next time someone is jabbing at you for your choice of vehicle simply send them this way and watch them convert!



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