10 4×4 Accessories You Must Have

10 4×4 Accessories You Must Have

When you’re out off roading, there’s just certain 4×4 accessories you must have with you, this often includes a flask full of coffee, to a tow strap capable pulling a moon.

After all, there’s nothing worse than being out on a trail with all your friends, and one of them is unprepared for the adventure ahead, even worse, it could be you. This list of 10 4×4 off roading accessories will ensure you aren’t that person.

How much stuff you need will be dependant on the type of four-wheeling you will be participating in, and how often things tend to break on your vehicle. By being prepared, you remove unnecessary hassle and inconvenience for you and your mates.

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with coming together as a group to help a friend in need, but when it’s the same person in trouble over and over again, it can become a little annoying.

We have put together this list of 10 must-haves for you to keep in your 4×4 for any off roading excursion.

Safety First


Every vehicle in your group should have a first aid kit, preferably one that is water proof, and has all the basic you need. Beware, some of the products in a first aid kit will become out of date over time; it’s a good idea to write the purchase date on the case in permanent marker and replace it when it’s more than two years old.

Order your travel first aid kit here.

Fire Extinguisher


Your 4×4 should not be without a fire extinguisher. Ensure your fire extinguisher is mounted securely so it doesn’t bounce around, and it should be within easy reach of the driver. If your 4×4 has a rollcage, you can attach it to the cage.

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Tow Strap


At some point on your travels, someone will need pulling out of a sticky situation, and that’s where this piece of equipment comes in to its own.

Order your Tow Strap.

4×4 Jack Lift


It’s inevitable someone will need a tyre change when off roading. However, many people don’t choose a Jack that will actually lift their 4×4 high enough off the ground to change a tyre. That’s why we recommend you purchase the Hi-Lift jack, available from Amazon.

Spare Wheels and Tyres


When off roading, a stock-sized spare tyre is pretty useless. You’ll lose ground clearance and the stock tyre will provide little to zero traction. If you don’t have a spare tyre that’s the same spec as the rest of your tyres, you could also risk damaging your differential. You probably have a locker or a limited slip, and running tires that are different diameters can lead to a damaged performance differential. 

Order your 4×4 tyres.

4×4 Tyre Air Compressor


One of the most common, yet annoying occurrences of off roading is losing tyre pressure, however with an air compressor, then pain of a flat is somewhat eased. An air compressor will have you back up and running in to time.

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4×4 Tyre Repair Kit


As mentioned above, a flat or punctured tyre can be the bain of any off roaders life. If you aren’t in any situation of being able to change a tyre or have already used up your spare, a tyre repair kit can become your best friend.

Order your tyre repair kit from Arbil.

Seat Covers


When off roading, you’re going to get dirty. If you’re doing it right of course. Make sure your keeping your seats protected with our range of 4×4 universal seat covers.

4×4 LED Light Bars


When it comes to off roading into the sunset, depending on where you are, standard lights just aren’t going to cut it. Depending on your situation you may not be able to see anymore than 10ft in front of you, making LED light bars an essential accessory for your rig.

LED light bars allow you to see much further in front of you, allowing you to avoid potentially dangerous obstacles. Order your 4×4 LED light bars.



When off roading, make sure you have a set of tools with you. If you’re a seasoned veteran, you will know what’s prone to break on your 4×4, therefore you should know just what tools to take with you. This will more than likely cover everything from screwdrivers, pliers, spanners, and much more.

You can order your tool set from ScrewFix.

Carrying all of the above, will ensure you have a smoother off roading experience, and you will also be able to help others, which off roading in a group is all about. Click here for the ultimate off roading essentials guide.

Have we missed something vital from the list? Have your say in the comments below.

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